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From now on you will receive our free and non-binding stock report until the end of 2019!


Why are we doing this?
We would like to give those who are interested in the stock market and newcomers the chance- without financial risk- to gain insights for successful trading or achieving revenue from a dividend depot. We want to offer the best of both worlds - for the more active trader the information about the investment deposit and for the more passive trader (e.g. due to timing constraints) interesting recommendations for building a dividend depot.

What is planned?

This one-off action starts immediately and ends on 31.12.2019.
You will receive the following from us by email free of charge:

Investment depot
1. Our market assessment with our recommendations
2. Entry and exit signals for the Investment depot
3. Overview of all trades- including the performance via Excel sheet

Dividend depot
1. Possible candidates for the dividend depot
2. Entry and exit signals
3. Overview of all trades- including the performance via Excel sheet

Actively traded dividend pool

We therefore prefer a trading-oriented investment approach. First, it's about finding fundamentally undervalued stocks with a high dividend yield.

The target dividend yield of the stocks / ETFs / funds on our watchlist is currently on average in the range of >10%!
In the second step, using the "Holy Grail" methods- the most attractive trading setup will be found.

Only in the presence of attractive chance-risk constellations in the third step -the entry of trade- whereby before entering a position important trade parameters such as price target are set. It ensures maximum transparency right from the start.

However, the trades we introduce are not trades in any kind of paper or sample portfolio all trades are implemented in a real-money depot.

The Investment depot

What is our trading approach?

  • We trade 95% American equities, 5% German equities
  • We trade via the US broker Interactive Brokers
  • We trade a stock pool of about 240 stocks from which the system generates the
  • We always use a mental stop with about 20% loss per position
  • Each signal, short and long, is traded
  • Stop is calculated on the basis of the indicator ATR
  • We trade stocks and ETF and commodities (e.g. oil, gold)

That's why all of our trading ideas are implemented and documented in a real money account.

Performance from 2015-2018

Matthias Müller

Born in 1965, came into contact with the stock exchange in mid-2000.
He was so enthusiastic and so successful within a few years that he sold his flourishing company and became a professional trader in 2007.

What distinguishes him is his analytical mind combined with risk aversion and his tenacity. These qualities have enabled him to find his Holy Grail on the stock market.

The "Holy Grail" system is the ultimate trading system for the short- to medium-term trader in equities, CFDs, certificates and options.
The stressed trader becomes a swing trader and achieves a continuous accumulation of assets.

Now is the time to make this system accessible to the private circle, let us do the work and follow our signals.
Be part of the "Holy Grail" system with success.

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